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What are some amazing animal life documentaries?

I'm looking for some great documentaries about animals and extinction and ties in to global warming. PLease do not say PLanet Earth. I have it.

Something like The Cove, which I absolutely loved!!!

Any thing in mind?

Posted by Toshiro H. -Captain 10th Company
Anybody ever have an amazing animal expirience?

Just wondering if anyone has ever been saved by an animal or some other miracle of that sort.

Posted by Hannah Babbs

My life is an amazing animal experience.

How amazing is animal print?

Omg girls animal print is sooo cute! I'm a guy but like all I wear are zebra socks! Soo adorablee! Pink toe and ankle with black and white zebra print all over the socks! Amazing!

Posted by

Im glad youu agree :)
All my socks have patterns I also love polka dots on my socks and undies :P
Simply amazing <3.

Dog puts washing on, great trick

Bluebottle, Portuguese Man O' War - Free image - 205072

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